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Safe & Secure

Daily Network Backups, DNS Security and Monitoring and Multiple levels of encryption are just some of the security techniques the Ninja's use to make sure your website is hosted in a secure and robust environment.


Quick & Efficient

Good quality hardware and streamlined software makes for an efficient website hosting solution, clubbed with our Blackbelt global DNS service the Ninja's can serve requests to your website quickly from anywhere in the world.

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Customer Support

When something goes wrong or you need advice you need someone to talk to. With UK support available on the phone 10-5 and support articles available 24/7 the Ninja's will do their best to make sure you're happy.


Nov 6th WARNING - Spam Domain Suspension E-mails

Dear Valued Customer,It has come to the attention of the NinjaHosts team that many of our customers have been receieving e-mails regarding domain name suspenions. The e-mail details information about how your domain name has been suspended as the services at PDR Ltd. have sent multiple warnings to you about complaints of spam.The e-mails have been ... Read More »